CHIN - CIHR Human Immunology Network. Research in Human Immunology Clinical Care and Public Policy in Canada
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Contact Info

Coordinating Node - Western University
Centre for Human Immunology
1400 Western Rd, Suite 214
Western University
London, ON, Canada N6G 2V2

Dr. Joaquin Madrenas
Tel: 514-398-7492

Bethany Heinrichs
Tel: 519-661-3228

About Us...

About CHIN


The CIHR Human Immunology Network - CHIN - is an inclusive National Network with International projections that will act as a coordinating resource for investigators working in different aspects of Human Immunology and to new investigators moving into the field to address the primary needs regarding Methodology and Material access, establishment of clinical links, and optimal participation in knowledge dissemination and community outreach. The establishment of CHIN ensures that Human Immunology in Canada remains at the forefront of the international effort.

CHIN operates with a coordinating node and 7 nodes:

Western (Coordinating Node)
  1. Dalhousie
  2. Manitoba
  3. McGill
  4. McMaster
  5. Toronto
  6. British Columbia (UBC)
  7. Western Ontario (UWO)
These major nodes are the drivers of CHIN. Investigators throughout the country will be invited to participate and have access to CHIN activities. As additional centres emerge, they will be invited to participate as nodes.


CHIN as an "Umbrella" Network: Links to other Networks

As a research network, CHIN operates as a resource “umbrella” network, facilitating communication between nodes, each with their specialized expertise in human immunology, collaboration and knowledge exchange. The spirit of CHIN is to be inclusive to the interested parties doing research in human immunology and to become an information resource for investigators considering research in human immunology. CHIN will promote and enhance human immunology research in Canada and its international projection, and effectively limit duplication of resources by developing synergies between existing teams.

Specialized Expertise in Human Immuology for Each Node