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McGill University



Node Leader
McGill University
Dr. Ciriacco Piccirillo

The McGill node is built around the FOCIS Center of Excellence awarded in 2004, and established by Dr. Emil Skamene, who served as Director till 2009. The centre is currently directed by Dr. Ciriacco Piccirillo, Canada Research Chair and Associate Professor in the Departments of Microbiology & Immunology and Medicine. The centre is located at the McGill University and McGill University Health Center (MUHC).

The McGill node is developing a multi-disciplinary, basic and clinical/translational research program with particular focus in primary/acquired immunodeficiencies, oncology, infectious disease and autoimmunity with the ultimate goal of bridging our basic understanding of disease pathophysiology with diagnosis/treatment in patients.

The McGill node provides capacity for multi-parametric monitoring of immune function in human subjects with well-characterized phenotypic cohorts of control individuals as well as patients with different autoimmune diseases. Such an immunophenotyping core facility (with GMP tissue culture facilities, small animal imaging, biomolecule identification, and gene/protein expression cores, pathology and cell and tissue procurement and storage core) will support development of standardized protocols for human studies. The McGill node has also a vested interest in the development of pre-clinical models of disease to identify molecular and cellular targets underlying disease processes, and to develop various therapeutic strategies for human disease intervention.

This node has in place academic activities critical for knowledge dissemination to the French general and research communities. Activities not only include the classical journal clubs and Distinguished/Invited lecture series but also an Annual immunology research day, Immunology career/professional development workshops for trainees, and teaching activities with international partners such as RIKEN/RCAI Advanced Immunology Courses in Japan. In collaboration with Immunology-Montreal (non-profit organization whose objective is to promote the “culture of immunology”), it raises the awareness for clinical immunology at our different academic institutions in Montreal.