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University of Manitoba



Node Leader
University of Manitoba
Dr. Kent Hayglass

This node is led by Dr. Kent HayGlass, Tier I CRC in Immune Regulation who runs large independent human immunology research lab.

The Manitoba node brings to CHIN a long history of research accomplishments in the field of allergy. This node has patient cohorts from premature or late preterm neonates, pediatric populations and adults, with up to 3000 individuals per cohort. In addition, the node has developed a strong transplant program, led by Dr. Peter Nickerson, examining the mechanisms of immune injury in human renal transplantation (i.e. ischemia reperfusion injury, acute allograft rejection and chronic allograft fibrosis) using patient populations that include pediatric and adult kidney allograft recipients and no transplant patients undergoing cardio-bypass surgery (model for ischemia reperfusion injury in humans). Dr. Peter Nickerson is Flynn Family Chair in Renal Transplantation and Associate Dean Research. Together, the node receives funding from CIHR, NIH, two NCE’s, and private foundations and corporations.

The node has core methodology in clinical samples processing and analysis of cytokines (Q- PCR, ultrasensitive proprietary ELISAs), advanced flow analysis and sorting, as well as a Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology.